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[S] Cascade. [S] Cascade.

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Last week, a couple of my friends had been talking about Homestuck; I've heard about it for quite awhile, but never really knew anything about it other than there were people with horns. When I heard about the length I said, "Challenge accepted" and proceeded to try and read all of it, yes, all of it, in one day. This didn't go as planned since six days ago I was derailed by Problem Sleuth and did not feel like continuing since four hours of my time was "wasted." On Monday, four days ago, I began my journey into Homestuck for seven hours straight.

At the end of that date I began ACT V. Today, I end ACT V ACT II. I love how you end every single epic, somewhat climatic scene with a flash animation worthy of carrying out the plot. Almost every single one of them has left me glued to my seat begging for more and more content so that I may satisfy my new addiction - Homestuck is crack. When I am not around it, I get the jitters. I just have to have my fix.

As the end of ACT V ACT II approached closer and closer, I felt my face moving closer and closer to the screen, wondering how it will all end. With this flash, all of my desires were met, and even more of them came to life. Even though there was not much dialogue in this flash, as someone who cares and paid attention to the plot, it wasn't necessary.

I do not need to say how great the animation, the music, or even how the scenes were in this flash animation. I only intend to leave this "review" as a record of my admiration and sheer fascination with this series. If someone had interupted me during the watching of this, I would have shouted at the top of my lungs for them to "kindly" leave me the fuck alone until it was done. If someone were to pull me away from the viewing of it, I would have punched them in the face and deal with the consequences after I was done watching.

For the end of a tearjerking, because my favourite character was "killed", page turning, and overall (though I do shy away from this word due to overuse, it is due) epic act, this flash does it no injustice.

Andrew, I share the same name as you - and even though that means nothing since many people do as well, I feel proud to have it the same. Also, you can probably tell who my favourite character is by reading through the one or two memes I tried to incorporate into this text box........
All of the characters, except a few, I care for. All of them I am emotionally invested in. I may be repeating myself many times over since I have not written a "Proper Newgrounds Review" in a long time, but this flash may go among some of the greatest I have seen on Newgrounds in a long time - and that's not even counting the ones I have not seen in Act VI yet.

I will wear your name proudly.

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PS.imported-preciousFile PS.imported-preciousFile

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I never got the reference.

Until a few days ago, I never got the reference that this flash was making. Looking back, when I first watched Marisa stole the precious thing, I compared it to this video specificially. Back when I first watched it, I noticed that all the OS's were of Touhou, but that was the only reference I could make until I actually started to get into Touhou.

It is an all right flash, but has less of the "story" that the original does. Maybe it is because I do not care about the characters so much? The other songs are not as good as the IOSYS one, but maybe because that one is just a classic. They're there, and give something different to which to listen. At least that, besides the different animation, could be considered something you have done differently. Make more IOSYS "parodies".

Clogged Tubes Ep 1 Clogged Tubes Ep 1

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Forget what I said in my last review, because I thought scrapped test meant cancelling the series instead of that was just a test video. This video, however, is golen.

First of all, Edith, once again, is amazing. The fact that she uses /b/ notwithstanding, I still love this character. Everything she does &c. I don't think you can turn up the likeable factor anymore than you could have. The random "guy" I would assume is Fred (I know he doesn't necessarily LIVE in the U.K, but that's beside the point), and she goes and kills him. Classic.

The way she does it? Short, sweet, to the point. As for animation, there was never really anything wrong except for mouth movements. I found the first part of the video, i.e "fred's mouth" extremelly wrong. You should work on that a bit more. And Edith's apartment is, well, reflecting on who she is. I thought that it was night time, but no! It's just the middle of the day and she lives in a dark, one-room apartment by herself. (Well, I can only assume it's one-room.)

And for the internet references, I couldn't care less about what they were as long as they got Edith into somekind of murderous killing spree. Though you did catch it spot on what it would be like at one of those places.

For an episode two, I would reccomend making it longer, for starters. Perhaps she meets other people, or rather, we meet them? It shouldn't always end in murder though. Just something to reflect her psycho personality is all. Oh, and this goes without saying, I love Edith.

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The Abusive Review Quiz The Abusive Review Quiz

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good for testing myself

This flash is a great way to be able to show how well you are able to flag other people's reviews. I have played through it various times, and through all of them, have made silver whistle consistantly. Hell, that even matches what my actual whistles is. (Though it is very high since I dropped down from gold.)

Some of the abusive ones are really, really obvious, yet I feel as if some of them are not. Was it the one that referred to other reviewers? Maybe the "u sux" one was, though I marked it as useless. In either case, geting deity would have to be very, very hard.

I do wish, though, that you would put in an answer sheet that shows which is what, and why. Of course, the medals kind of ruin the point of this, but maybe it should be an option for those that got the deity whistle. Of course, I cannot say that it is not, myself, since I have never made it there, but I cannot assume.

Very tricky, yet needs more to it. 7/10

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Ice Shape Master Ice Shape Master

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Alright game.

This flash is a simple game, but that's all it is. Just one little mini-game which goes into levels that get sequentially harder. That's fine, but puzzle games like this, for me, just aren't interesting in the long run. I think I was around four levels into the game before I really started getting bored with it. It certainly looks nice, for one.

At first, it may not look challenging, but keep trying to place pieces in, sequentially, for a long period of time may give you carpel tunnel or something similar. Besides that, I have nothing else really to say. It's not a bad game by any standards; it's just boring.

Save Jim Save Jim

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Slightly above average.

This game actually has a bit of promise going for it. First off, I thought it was just a stupid little game, but it's not. It's challenging. If it were just you controlling Jim with your arrow keys, it'd be another pointless, boring avoiding game. You've done something here that gives us a differentiation from the normal.

Well, in the controls atleast. I never noticed why you did it in that way until I was at the level with the slime. If I ran into a wall, I died. I had to go through the down arrow to get to the up one, so I had to make sure I was constantly not too low. I died many times on that level. And the ones after that made use of this principal also. It's a good game in that respect.

The downside is your visuals. The title screen is, by far, the best screen of the game. In looks, atleast. Your level title cards are bland. I could make something like that in paint and I have no creative ability at all. You could've atleast added some flare to this rather than just click on the paintbrush icon and paint something.

For the rest of the game? They were fine for them, atleast. The stick figure looked slightly better, if only for the fact that he's in strips you can see. The only thing not black or gray are the colored objects in the game. Besides that, everything is in monotone. Perhaps you could fix that by adding, I don't know, more colors?

Well, it woudn't be so great withought its music. I never once heard the same loop over and over again. The music kept me going, and didn't bog down the game by repeating itself, or being just too horrible.

If you make another game like this, please, try what I've said. Overall, it's not bad, but it's not too great either. I'd just play it once, like it, then never play it again because it dosen't have anything too special.

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lucatheawsome responds:

thanks i probarly am going to make a second one :)

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{dj-N} Rain Preview {dj-N} Rain Preview

Rated 1 / 5 stars

It's Dubstep

You know, I usually find most of your music through WoWcrendor. They're usually trance or something similar, and they're really awesome. Then I watched his latest one and found this song. I don't know, there's just something wrong with it. Or maybe the fact that it's Dubstep.

dj-Nate responds:

People like you are annoying. If you don't like the genre, don't fucking review it.

Number of the Beast Number of the Beast

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I am an Iron Maiden fan (who isn't) so I really found a little bit of errors in it. Not a whole lot, and I wont critique the voice, but there are some. The first one I caight was that it was a little slow.

Fine up to the "Let he who hath understanding..." part. That was supposed to be done at a faster pace than the rest. Besides that the speed was fine. Now another part I cannot explain. It just dosn't have that feel.

Maybe it's the lightning effects thats missing, but I dont know. Maybe it's that subtle echo that the voice has in the real song that's missing. Either way, something is. Next time do the whole song. Get it Acustic and start singing. NOW!

Coop responds:

I tell you, I am having auditions for a part in a band next year, but my voice isn't accustomed to singing the whole of songs as epic as this. I'm not cut out for aping Bruce Dickinson, much as it pains me to say that.

Sure, I'd love to, but in 2010, there are two vocal singing projects for me to produce, so it's just a case of getting over this cold and having the time to perform them :)

Zapp Brannigan Montage Zapp Brannigan Montage

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I am the reviewer with no name. Letiger!

All the writing that made me laugh at time is attributed to Futurama. Now if you wrote this yourself, then I would be lauging my ass of big time and giving you maybe a 9.

I noticed the voiced were off so I read that it was a dub. Using your voice. You do all the other voices, especially Kif, pretty well. It took about 2 lines for me to realize that it was a dub. Basicly that's all there is to tell. The jokes/humor are not yours.

The voices I've already said so what more is there to tell? The humor in uniform?

Coop responds:

I thought for this piece it was more of an advertisement that I could get my voice to damned near what people were after, so that they would recruit me for voice acting work. This might mean that there was no writing actually by me, but these days, you aren't usually expected to write, voice act, produce everything yourself from start to finish.

Perhaps I'll come back this year with something that is written by me and takes my interpretation of Zapp a little further.

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Marisa's Magic Mushroom Marisa's Magic Mushroom

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Not my thing. I hate big tits and find them discusting. If they were actually normal size, I could probably dig the picture.

Reve's Weather Chart Reve's Weather Chart

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I don't like big tits

That's the only reason why I don't like Partly Cloudy +

The only ones I do like are snowy, rainy, and cloudy.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

It's so amazing.

The moment I laid eyes upon this extraordinary piece, I knew I'd stumbled upon a masterpiece. The fact that a mere mortal being has the immense creative capacity is incredible to say the least.

And the more I look at it, the more emotion I feel. The more thoughts I can feel being morphed and twisted through my mind as I gaze upon such an absolutely gorgeous work of art.

And the title, it's so moving. A single word, a single noun. It's almost a tease to the unsuspecting viewer, who is forced to create their own title based on the emotions brought forth by the finest work mankind could ever hope to produce.

In my own humble opinion, I would say that the lines represents a boundary for us as a people.They're green, because green symbolizes Growth and acceleration, this is a boundary we are not meant to cross. The gray side represents the general populous, the six and a half billion people who do as they are told, who kindly follow the boundary's wishes. However, the green side, the rebellious side refuses to be held back by a simple non-tangible line.

These rebellious people are called artist, and you sir, are one of these right sided people.

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Rucklo responds: